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2024 Summer Reading & Assignments: Overview

Here you will find information about summer reading and assignments, organized by Division.



Information for 2024 is coming soon! Right now, information featured on this guide is from 2023. 

Important Bancroft Links

Check out Sora, our guide to online digital reading resources!


Welcome to Summer Reading and Assignments

Summer Reading and Learning are an important part of your academics at Bancroft School!  This guide has been designed to present all of your summer work in one convenient location.  You will find more information on your assignments on each of the divisional tabs above. 

For help on using this guide, please see the How to Use This Guide box below.

If you have questions regarding individual assignments, please reach out to the appropriate instructor as they will be able to best direct you.

How to Use This Guide

To begin, click on the divisional tab appropriate to your grade level on the top of this page:


For example: as a 10th grade student, you would click on the Upper School divisional tab at the top of the page:

This will bring you to the Upper School Summer Assignments page where you can then review the work you are responsible for over the summer. Readings and assignments are detailed on each of the individual division pages.